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🗣️Most friends and colleagues call her by the nicknames "Huben" or "Hubes".

🐶Most likely watching some type of dog video as you're reading this.

🍪Directed to eat in three separate productions: "Fiona" in Shrek the Musical (Whoopie Pie), "Wendy Jo" in Footloose Tootsie Pop), and "Ensemble" in Grease (chocolate chip cookies). 

🌱Proud vegan.

🧳Favorite vacation destination? It has to be none other than Eidfjord, Norway.

🎮Video game enthusiast: 10/10. Execution of most games: needs improvement.

🎭Her mother is on the cast recording of the 2013 revival of Pippin.

📺Certified in binge-watching TV shows such as The Good Place, What We Do in the Shadows and Parks and Recreation.

🛠️Featured in an episode of Trading Spaces: Boys vs. Girls where her bedroom was themed to everything Broadway (surprise, surprise).

🍞Baking is one of her passions! Her family's recipe for Mandel bread is always a hit.

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